my devil had been long caged, he came out

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King Pyrrhus just stood there and said:
'One more such victory would utterly undo me.’
Meaning that, well, you know what it means.. it means there’s winning and there’s winning and sometimes
doesn’t feel like winning. It feels like almost losing.
Or we might as well have lost if this is what is costs.
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i’m going to be here and here if needed.

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"Let’s pretend I’m not."

"Yeah, I wish."

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"A lot then? Do they egg your armor or graffiti on it?"

"Does it look like it has graffiti on it?"

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  “Not to mention that some of them have the most ridiculous names and costumes. At times even if you can’t remember what they did, you surely remember the horrendous outfit that they were wearing.” She gives a smile, enjoying the conversation thus far. “We always keep out of trouble, Spark.” Not really, but saying it still feels nice.

"Oh, that’s absolutely the worst. The idiotic name and obscene outfits. These guys don’t know the first thing about making a visual impact. Or any kind of impact whatsoever." There’s a small grin on his lips, he hasn’t had a carefree conversation in a while now. "Yes, of course you are. It’s just trouble that finds you, not vice-versa.”

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    I wouldn’t dream of it.

   ( she kept her eyes off his own gaze
   but continued to scan his face for
   any sign that she was doing the right
   thing here. because right now, she 
   wasn’t entirely sure she had done. 
   but then she allowed herself to meet 
   his glance and tears brimmed in her
   eyes, a lump welling in her throat. she
   should never have left the first time, let
   alone the second, and the third was out
   of the question. )

         I couldn’t—

   ( her voice broke, full of emotion as she 
   let her hand fall back to her side in solemn
   defeat. )

          I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get on the plane.
          I tried, Tony. I promise I tried, I just couldn’t
          do it. I couldn’t leave you. I can’t— leave you.


  ( he couldn’t possibly believe what
  he was seeing. and hearing. it was
  just out of the world, something
  that wasn’t meant to be happening
  and was slightly messing him up.
  the engineer took a deep breath,
  though he tried to not make it visible.

  something, that he can’t quite
  point out or define, makes him look
  up after having looked at the floor
  for a really long moment. there was
  a strange feeling right where his
  heart was supposed to be and he
  can’t help but wonder for a moment
  if the arc reactor is acting up
  again. if that were the case he
  was really going to applaud it for
  the perfect timing. the director
  could honestly feel it in his chest,
  working slightly harder as his
  real heart started beating faster. )

            I don’t want you to regret this
            in a few days.

  ( what he really wanted to say
  - or what, actually, a small part
  of him wanted to say- was that
  he really didn’t want her to break
  his heart. and vice-versa. he 
  didn’t want to break hers. but he
  knew perfectly well that that was
  going to happen in a matter of
  minutes. again. he just couldn’t
  give her what she wanted and
  that couldn’t lead to anything
  good. )

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every time i try to answer to jess’ post i get so sad. these two are so fucking in love and he just won’t let her come close and omg tony just stop being such a jerk.

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